11 Best Wedding Venues on Maui

By Kyle Ellison

Kapalua Beach, Maui. Photo: Corey Balazowich.

Six thousand.

That’s the average number of weddings that take place on Maui each year. Break it down a little bit further, and on any given day, there are between 15 and 20 weddings happening on Maui.

Luckily there are literally hundreds of places to get married on Maui, though some are definitely more popular than others when choosing to tie the knot.

1. Best Wedding Venues on Maui: Secret Cove

Secret Cove sunrise, Maui. Photo: W. Tipton.

Beach weddings are a popular choice, and are often best for smaller weddings with only a few people in attendance. In South Maui, one of the most popular beaches is Pa‘ako Cove in Mākena, which is often referred to as “Secret Cove” because it’s so hidden and small.

2. Best Wedding Venues on Maui: Maluaka Beach

Maluaka Beach, Maui later afternoon. Photo: Mike.

Maluaka Beach in Mākena is another popular option, as the wind here is often lighter than in Kīhei, and the sun seems to set at the perfect angle for snapping photos.

3. Best Wedding Venues on Maui: Kapalua Bay

Night on Kapalua Bay, Maui. Photo: Corey Balazowich.

For a beach wedding in West Maui, Kapalua Bay is a sheltered cove that helps block most of the wind.

4. Best Wedding Venues on Maui: Ironwood Beach

Ironwood Beach, Maui. Photo: Kyle Ellison.

And Ironwood Beach, while a bit windier, has the feel of an isolated island — a forgotten stretch of coast that’s blanketed in soft, white sand. This beach is a favorite among island photographers for the light and view of the sunset, as well as the fact that it’s easy to frame pictures — since hardly anyone is around.

5. Best Wedding Venues on Maui: Waianapanapa, Hana

Waianapanapa State Park, Hana, Maui. Photo: Owen and Aki.

While sunset is the preferred time of day in West Maui, some couples opt to set an alarm and swap their vows at sunrise. While beaches in Kīhei, Wailea, Mākena, and Kapalua are all popular choices, the most powerful place to celebrate sunrise is at Wai‘ānapanapa in Hāna. Site of the famous black sand beach and surrounded by lush green trees, this place is perfect for watching the sun explode from beneath the horizon, ushering in not only a new day but a brand new start to your lives.

6. Best Wedding Venues on Maui: Olowalu Sugar Plantation

Olowalu, Maui wedding. Photo: Michael Kollwitz.

Though beach weddings are exceptionally popular, they aren’t the best fit for couples that want to eat, drink and party. You can’t have chairs or alcohol during a beach wedding on Maui, so if you have a large group of guests in attendance and want your own private space, there are dozens of Maui wedding venues for planning the perfect day.

One of those spots is in Olowalu at the historic plantation house, which nearly every wedding planner will agree is one of the best venues on Maui. This oceanfront home was once part of the old Olowalu Sugar Plantation, and while the mill and fields of green sugar are gone, the sprawling lawn full of monkeypod trees is still as inviting as ever. Moreover, the view looking out toward the island of Lāna‘i is perfect for watching the sunset.

7. Best Wedding Venues on Maui: Sugarman Estate

Sugarman Estate, Maui. Photo: H. Micahel Miley.

Aside from Olowalu Plantation, Sugarman Estate toward the end of Mākena is another one of Maui’s best wedding venues for houses set right by the sea. Situated behind a lava rock wall on a rocky section of coast, the estate has a large, rolling lawn that’s ideal for setting up tables and offers a panoramic view of the coastline looking out toward Molokini Crater.

8. Best Wedding Venues on Maui: Sugar Beach Events

While Olowalu and Sugarman are longtime favorites, one of the best new wedding venues on Maui is the Sugar Beach Events house. Located in North Kīhei, this house is set on Sugar Beach — the longest beach on Maui — and is located 15 minutes from Wailea and 40 from Kā‘anapali.

9. Best Wedding Venues on Maui: Seaside Chapel, Grand Wailea Resort

Seaside Chapel, Grand Walea Resort, Maui. Photo: Rosa Say.

For couples who want to get married in a church, it’s tough to beat the Seaside Chapel at the Grand Wailea Resort. Stained glass windows and Murano glass adorn the exquisite interior, and the church seems to float on a placid pond that’s surrounded by lilies and koi.

10. Best Wedding Venues on Maui: Keawalai Church

Keawalai Church, Makena, Hawaii. Photo: Photonomus.

For a dose of Hawaiian history, Keawala‘i Church in Mākena, founded in 1832, is one of the island’s few churches that still offer weekly sermons in Hawaiian. It’s an authentic, historic, powerful and scenic place to exchange your vows.

11. Best Wedding Venues on Maui: Haiku Mill

Haiku, Maui. Photo: Hawaii.com member Joanna L.

Finally, while not many visitors make it to Ha‘ikū, the Haiku Mill is another one of Maui’s most popular wedding venues, where a 19th century sugar plantation was literally rescued from overgrowth and vines to create a lush, yet elegant atmosphere for hosting your big event.

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