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Walking Tours on Maui

They say you see more by slowing down. That’s exactly why you should spend a day on a walking tour on Maui.

On an island awash in adventure activities, it’s easy to do too much, rushing through an entire vacation — the experience ends up being shallow compared to taking it slow. By joining a Maui walking tour, you can connect with the island’s native culture and taste its local flavors. You’ll leave with a deeper sense of place that fortifies your visit.

For History Buffs

Of all the different walking tours on Maui, the best choice for Hawaiian history is Maui Nei Native Expeditions. The 2-hour tour takes place in Lahaina, which was once the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom during the 19th century. In addition to visiting historical sites like ancient Hawaiian birthing stones, the tour also visits Moku‘ula — an inland island once reserved for royalty that’s now buried beneath grassy fields (restoration projects are underway, however, to help it rise again). For a fully immersive cultural experience, you can also upgrade to a 3-hour tour that includes participating in traditional Hawaiian arts.
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For Foodies

For a food and walking tour on Maui, Local Tastes of Maui has tours of Makawao, Pā‘ia, Lahaina, and Kīhei, where you can literally taste the island’s eclectic, multi-cultural heritage. Because of the sugar and pineapple industries, immigrants were hired from around the globe to work on the plantations; with them came their recipes and meals that you’ll find throughout the island today.

For Nature Lovers

If you’d rather learn which plants are edible while walking through the rainforest, Hike Maui offers guided hikes that not only visit hidden waterfalls, but also discuss the island’s history, as well as its native plants.

The Fully Customizable Private Tour

For a more personalized Maui walking tour, Open Eye Tours offers private excursions that are completely customizable. So, if you’re into Hawaiian music and dance, you can arrange a tour that meets with a local hula hālau (hula school), or visit the island’s sacred sites if you’re fascinated by ancient legends. Because the tours are completely private, they carry a higher price point but you walk away with an enriching and fulfilling experience of Maui.

The DIY Walking Tour

Finally, for the budget conscious visitor to Maui who wants to create their own walking tour, the oceanfront boardwalk at Kā‘anapali has historical markers with the area’s history, complete with black and white photos. The Wailea boardwalk also has a couple of historical placards, as does the oceanfront, self-guided walk at Waihe‘e Coastal Dunes and Wetlands Refuge.

View of Lahaina's Front street on Maui.

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